Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cooking Great Foods

Once I Could Not Cook, I Eat Just What Is Called Junk Food, pops, Chips, Cakes , Ice cream,And Store Foods That Needed Heating Up, And My Wight About 320 Pounds , Then My Friends Zsuzs, And Her Daughter Beki , Told Me About Vegetarian And Vegans, I Thought That It Would Be Good To Be One, I Love Animals, And Now I See Them As Friend Not Food, And Now My Wight Is 220 Pounds, And Guess What I Did Not Work Out Ones, And The Pounds Still Came Off, And I Started To Try Cooking ,At First It Was Hard But I Got Better, And Now I Am Cooking Everyday, And I Am A Lot Happy These Days Them Before.So In The Near Future, I Will Put Up Some Of My Foods That Are Vegan, Recipes And Photos Of My Own Creations.

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