Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Steel Cut Oats

I Really Love Steel Cut Oats, A Friend game Me Some One Time And WOW There Good
So I Tried To make Some But It Never Work Out Because Steel Cut Oats Are Very hard
And They Take A Long Time To Cook. I Even Found This On The Internet, People Tried To Cook Them But Like For Me It Takes To Long, Even After An Hour Still Not Good, So I Thought If I Soak Them For A Long Time Would That Work, It Did And It Cook's In 10 Or 15 Mins,
In The Container Over Night

In The Morning They Get Soft

After 10 or 15 Mins There Done

Here Is What To Do

1 Cup OF Steel Cut Oats.
Put In Container With Water To The Top Of Container.
Soak Over Night.
In A Pot Put In 2/ And A half Cups Of Water,
Put In The Oats With What Water is Left.
Let Boil Then Stir When It Starts To Bubble,
Turn Down To Very Lo,
Put Led On,
Cook For 10 To 15 Mins,

By The Way In The Photos , Those dark Things Are Rasins

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