Monday, 12 December 2011

Past Christmas's

I Think This Is Cute This Was My Only Time On The 25th Dec, That I Was Alone, This Is Christmas Morning And Bubbles Is Loving Her Gifts,

This is Beki And Esti At My Place Christmas For The First,I Think The Were 10 And 8

This Is The Next Christmas Were I Was At Zsuzsanna Place For Christmas
Thats beki She Is Holding Home Made Cookies Treats And Cup Cakes

Dinner Time, Thats Zsuzsanna Friend, I cant Remember Her Name, Lazslow Next To Me And Sitting between Ester And beki Is There Friend, I Cant Remember Her Name.

These Are Photos Of Last Christmas At Zsuzsanna

Nice Tree

Opening Gifts I Got For Them

Some Wine

And Zsuzsanna Cooking Up A Vegan Dinner, Looks Great Eh , It Was.

So Nice To Have Friends That Care To Make A Great Day

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