Friday, 10 February 2012

Dealing With Food Poisoning

I Got So Sick The Other Day, I eat Some Chocolate And just 15 min's later I Was So Sick That I Was Throwing Up At Both Ends(If you know what i mean). I Was In The Bathroom for 4 hours dealing with this, it was just offal, the next day i knew i needed soup so i made tomatoes soup

in this soup i put in 2 kinds of Flax's seeds a darker kind and A golden kind
along with Hemp and nutritional yeast and Parsley And I Made It With Can tomatoes
that has no salt

Before I Made The Soup I Needed Something to relax my stomach so i went to a herbal
house, ( Witch I call Vanessa's Because Of The Very Wonderful Person that runs this place), And she recommended The Following tea

This Is

Slippery Elm

You Heat Some Water Then Put in 2 tea spoons of it And mix it a round
I Really Worked My stomach Was So Much Better (Thanks Vanessa)


  1. The remedy looks pretty awful...but if it works...just close your eyes and push it down. Are these marshmallows vegan? I know there are vegan versions but usually marshmallows are made with gelatine. Can you check next time you see Vanessa, I am just curious.

    1. No No You Don't Drink The Stuff , You make The Tea Out Of It , You Boil Water Then You Put In 2 tea Spoons Of It Stir Then Let It Sit For 10 Mins, Strain It Out Then Drink Whats left, And Yes It Really Works.

  2. Oh About The marshmallows, I Dint Find Out About Them I Will Soon,She Knows That I Am Vegan, And To Tell You The Truth I Dint See
    marshmallows In The Mix , But It Is Written
    On The List She Gave Me