Sunday, 12 February 2012


Eli Is Now 2 Years Old , And Everyone Got Together For His Day , Here In The Video Is 2 Cakes
One Vegan And The  Other Is Not,

This is What The car Cake Looked Like Before The Icing, They Let Me Put the Icing On Becouse They Said That I Am Good At It.

 And This is The Finishing Results 

Here Is Salad That I Had To Eat

And The Others Had Big Hot Dogs And Fried Potatoes

This is One Of Eli's Gifts , He Got A basketball Lamp
And Here Are The 2 Cakes Together, Unfortunately Most Of My Photos Of His Party Came
Out Very Blurry


  1. Hey, that must have been quite an event! I love the cake, and it good for Heather that she made it vegan. These kids are lucky to have these nice and caring parents. And you to have such friends.

    1. Yea I Do , Joe And His Family Are Really Great Friends (Just Like You And Yours) I Am Very Happy These Days Because Of It, I Love You All