Monday, 6 February 2012

Quinoa Really Quick

I Was So Hungary That I made A Quick Quinoa Snake

I Cup Of Quinoa
2 Cups Of Water
It Cooks In 15 Min's

While That Was Happening
I Juiced So Organic Tomatoes
To make A Drink And Used What Was left
To Put On To Of The Quinoa,Then I
Chopped Up Some Cucumbers,Celery,Broccoli
On Top I Add So Nutritional Yeast

Looks Good Hah


  1. All those raw veggies are very good for you. Here is a web page of Brendan, the guy we saw at the vegetarian fair a couple of years ago, he is on a completely raw diet. I am reading his book now and planning to try out his 12-week raw diet - it is a big challenge but I am on my way.

  2. I mean, here is a webpage for Brendan...I forgot to attach it

  3. Thank You Zsuzs,Ya I Remember Him , I Was Telling Vanessa About When We Went To See Him, I Got Some Of His Vegan Smoothie Drinks The She has there,I Love raw Veggies These Days , I Am Cooking A Lot Of Them These Days