Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vegan Pizza # 2

This My Second Try At Making A Vegan Pizza The First One Was Good But It was Just Plane, Now The Second Was Diffident, I Made The Crust The Same
But I Made It Firmer, By Adding Ground Flax Seeds and Some Spices Then I Molded it Round And Made The Edges Thicker,Then Cooked it For Close To An Hour, Then I Put Mung Beans On Top.
And I Added Some Chopped Tomatoes And A Vegan Cheese Called Daiya,
Daiya Is Very Delishes Tastes Just Like Cheese.
Daiya Has No Gluten Or Soy And Has No GMO's, It Is Very Vegan ( THANK YOU VANESSA ) So I Put It Back In The Oven Till It Melted,Then I Put Some Nutritional yeast On Top With Pepper And Spices.
It Came Out So Much Better Then The Other One
The Thing I Missed So Much When I Became A Vegan Was Cheese And Pizza, Well Not Anymore.

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