Sunday, 9 September 2012

From Him To Success

1962-2004, Meat's, Pizza's, Chips, Cake's, Pie's, Ice cream's, candy's. Bread's. Pop's. Cool ad's. Salty Peanut's. Salty pretzel's, Cereals. Cheese, Junk, Junk And More Junk, Now 2004-2012,Vegan,Plant Based Foods,Organic,And Its Not Over.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vegan Fest 2012

I had A Nice Time At The Vegan Fest With My Friends Zsuzsanna And Her Family. Lots Of Healthy Vegan Foods , Here I Am eating Gipsy Cookies It Was Nice To See Zsuzsanna Girls There To And Zsuzsanna Man Friend Was There To. A Was A Fun day All Around.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Vegan Tacos

My Friend Vanessa Gave Me Some Tortillas To Tryout
 I Have Never Made Tacos Before,But I Wanted To Try To See What I Can Do, And This Is What I Did

I Cook Some Black Beans And Mixed Them With 1 Teaspoon Of Black Pepper, And Hearbmare And
Mixed Them In A Food Processor With 1 Half Of An Onion And 2 Table Spones Of Organic Peanut

Then I Fried Them With Pasta Sauce, Mix With Chile Powder, With Just A Small Mount Of Coconut Oil 

Then Added Some Organic Lettuce And Small Tomatoes That Vanessa Gave Me With Some Added Vegan Cheese I Put Them In The Microwave To Melt And Make Them Hot They Were Very Good And Filling , One Broke Apart Because I Think I Added To Much Black Bean Filling, But They Were Very Good, ( THANK YOU VANESSA )I Will Be Buying Them When You Get More In The Store

Catnip Attack

I Put Some Catnip In Angus Tommy And Bubbles Smell's It, Watch The Video ts So Cute